Starting in March 2023, syncplexity will begin a new cycle of renovation and expansion. The starting point will be the 6th. International Academic Conference on Management and Economics," which will take place in Oxford - United Kingdom, from March 24th to 26th.

Josep Alzamora will present the paper "Business Sustainability in Hypercompetitive Contexts" at the Oxford University Business School.

For more than 20 years, research has been conducted to find a sufficiently robust source that consistently generates added value and is highly appreciated by customers. Becoming a consumer preference exceeds the world of data and purely financial and economics; we need to move into the world of emotions. Understanding this critical step, which breaks paradigms to date, we must develop a suitable methodology to convert the intangible into something quantifiable and measurable in an objective way.

In all these years of hard work in research and development, we have helped businesses established in different parts of the world to grow in more than 170 sectors and completely different environments in terms of socio-cultural, political, and financial situations. Therefore, it is an honor for the syncplexity team to present the results of their efforts on such a prestigious stage.