On May 22, 2023, the 18th edition of the Scientific Annual International Conference for Business (SICB) will take place in Amman, Jordan, at the Al-Zaytoonah University with the theme "Sustainability and Cutting-Edge Business.” 

Once again, syncplexity will be present with the participation of Josep Alzamora.

The paper "Business Sustainability in Hypercompetitive Contexts" will be presented at an academic forum and of great interest to the syncplexity methodology in a new cultural environment and emerging economy.

In his lecture, Mr. Alzamora will present part of the Expansive Emotional Influence (EEI) methodology aimed at facilitating effective business transformation towards a competitive model based on the principles of prestige where customers themselves perceive the added value and disseminate it.

In an economy such as Jordan's, where 75% of GDP is centered on the service sector, and industry and agriculture are reduced to 24.5%, understanding and satisfying customers, both internally and internationally, becomes a critical need. After the difficulties generated by the effects of the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, plus a commercial balance generally in deficit, in which imports exceed exports, Jordan is pinning its hopes for future sustainability on the rise of a growing tourism sector and on strengthening its exports, with new economic policies promoted by the government to intensify the modernization of the country at all levels. The aim is to boost the economy to improve its deficit ratio and place Jordan at the forefront of global competitiveness. It seems clear that the message of syncplexity can provide them with input for thinking in their strategic line to generate prosperity.