Within the framework of the Saïd Business School of the University of Oxford, it took place the “6th. International Academic Conference on Management and Economics", from March 24 to 26, with the presence of syncplexity represented by Josep Alzamora.

With the presence of participants from India, Pakistan, Portugal, Peru, Japan, Turkey, the USA, the Netherlands, Taiwan, Iraq, Morocco, Cyprus, and Austria, among others, topics that are currently the subject of research were discussed, such as the sustainability of human resources, the financial effects of the pandemic in different environments and from different points of view, sustainable tourism and agrotourism, new quality standards, and new emerging markets, among others.

With the presentation Business Sustainability in Hypercompetitive Contexts, Josep Alzamora outlined the fundamental bases for conducting our companies in increasingly hypercompetitive markets, in which our competitors immediately absorb the advantage of novelty. In his presentation, Mr. Alzamora explains that becoming the preference of our potential consumers fully immerses us in the emotional sphere, where it will be necessary to apply the methodology required to transfer a subjective and intangible concept, such as the preference by which we choose a product, to an objective level that is measurable and systemically replicable.


More than 20 years of research, with a journey through different sectors and countries, have come up with the answer that places our business in a new paradigm of how to understand our customers and the power that comes with it, both at the design level of new products aimed at satisfying them as well as at the level of business sustainability strategies for the future.

The exchange of ideas and experiences with people from different countries, sharing advanced concepts are a fundamental part of the syncplexity’s growth and its positioning worldwide.