Foundations of Complex Realities

The foundations of Complex Realities model for sustainable prosperity and competitiveness are set in the Spanish edition of the first book written by Mr Josep Alzamora, which is already available in online bookstores.

A short preliminary overview of the model is also available on ebook.

A characteristic curve of life can be depicted as a line with ups-and-downs, as well as a chart representing the business sales.
It is quite usual to accept that people’s prosperity and competitiveness of organizations they both have a regular behaviour pattern, almost always conditioned by the evolution of the economy. Hence, it is commonly accepted that, in times of crisis, people have to follow the pattern and go down as well.
However, it has not to be that way. It is possible to build a model where individual prosperity and organizational competitiveness does not follow the common trend of the economy. A model where prosperity and competitiveness flow continuously steady, even when the effects of a severe economic crisis determines the driving forces of economy and society. A sustainable model.

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