syncplexity Center

syncplexity Center

The syncplexity Implementation Method is going further and evolving into a more structured instituion: the syncplexity Center for Sustainable Prosperity and Competitiveness.

The syncplexity Center is an organization devoted to spreading a model of individual prosperity and organizational competitiveness whose central concepts are the following:

Reaching prosperity through happiness
Many institutions of all kinds have a paramount prestige in the field of teaching people how to be prosperous, but not all of them consider individual happiness as a fundamental part of that prosperity.
Among the few that regard happiness as necessary to prosper in a long-lasting way, they are much less those that help people to thrive from the development of their veritable happiness.

Be able to thrive even in a scenario of severe economic crisis where material resources are scarce
Most of the developed countries teach their citizens how to prosper or compete on a basis of material resources. As a consequence, when a severe economic crisis hits those countries, many people and businesses follow the negative trend. Moreover, they accept this as an unavoidable fact.
It is necessary to develop a new approach to prosperity and competitiveness more detached from material perspectives, considering the trend of the population growth and the limitation of the available resources.

09:00am to 09:15am; Reception of guests and accreditation
09:15am to 09:30am; About the Center
09:30am to 10:30am; Explanation of the SPX Implementation Method
10:30am to 11:00am; QAs

The event will take place at the syncplexity office
Av. Papa Luna #32
12580 Benicarló, Spain

The workshop is for the participants in the ongoing SPX Programs for Prosperity and Competitiveness.

This is a free event.

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